Course Code: 5672

IPv6 Fundamentals, Design and Deployment (IP6FD) 3.0

Class Dates:
5 Days
Class Time:
Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • This five-day course provides network engineers and technicians who are working in the enterprise sector with the knowledge and skills that are needed to study and configure the IP version 6 (IPv6) features of Cisco IOS Software. The course also provides an overview of IPv6 technologies; covers IPv6 design and implementation; describes IPv6 operations, addressing, routing, services, and transition; and describes deployment of IPv6 in enterprise networks as well as in service provider networks. The course also includes case studies that are useful for deployment scenarios and remote labs.

  • Audience


Course Details

  • Module 1: Intro to IPv6
  • Rationale for IPv6
  • Evaluating IPv6 Features and Benefits
  • Market Drivers
  • Modul 2: IPv6 Operations
  • IPv6 Addressing Architecture
  • IPv6 Header Format
  • Enabling IPv6 on Hosts
  • Enabling IPv6 on Cisco Routers
  • Using ICMPv6 and Neighbor Discovery
  • Troubleshooting IPv6
  • Module 3: IPv6 Services
  • IPv6 Mobility
  • DNS in an IPv6 Environment
  • DHCPv6 Operations
  • QoS Support in an IPv6 Environment
  • Cisco IOS Software Features
  • Module 4: IPv6-Enabled Routing Protocols
  • Routing with RIPng
  • Examining OSPFv3
  • Integrated IS-IS
  • EIGRP for IPv6
  • MP-BGP
  • Configuring IPv6 Policy-Based Routing (PBR)
  • Configuring First-Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRPs) for IPv6
  • Configuring Route Redistribution
  • Module 5: IPv6 Multicast Services
  • Implementing Multicast in an IPv6 Network
  • Using IPv6 MLD
  • Module 6: IPv6 Transition Mechanisms
  • Implementing Dual-Stack
  • IPv6 Tunneling Mechanisms
  • Module7: IPv6 Security
  • Configuring IPv6 ACLs
  • IPsec, IKE, and VPNs
  • Security Issues in an IPv6 Transition Environment
  • IPv6 Security Practices
  • Cisco IOS Firewall for IPv6
  • Module 8: Deploying IPv6
  • IPv6 Address Allocation
  • IPv6 Multihoming
  • IPv6 Enterprise Deployment Strategies
  • Module 9: IPv6 and Service Providers
  • IPv6 Service Provider Deployment
  • Support for IPv6 in MPLS
  • 6VPE
  • IPv6 Broadband Access Services
  • Module 10: IPv6 Case Studies
  • Planning and Implementing IPv6 in Enterprise Networks
  • Planning and Implementing IPv6 in Service Provider Networks
  • Planning and Implementing IPv6 in Branch Networks